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2 527.00 MDL 1 263.50 MDL

32 Channels. Applicable for CooVox-U50/100, designed with Zarlink ZL38065 chip for voice echo canceller,which has the following features: -Independent multiple channels of echo cancellation, from 32 channels of 64 ms to 16 channels of 128 ms with the ability to mix channels at 128 ms or 64 ms in any combination; -Fully compliant to ITU-T G.165, G.168 (2000) and (2002) specifications; -Passed all AT&T voice quality tests for carrier grade echo canceller systems; -Unparalleled in-system tunability; -Sub 50 ms initial convergence times under many typical network conditions; -Fast reconvergence on echo path changes (see zycoo.com for detail).

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